Often overlooked, your roof is one of the most crucial components of your home or business. A quality roof system not only provides the greatest amount of protection, but is also one of the largest factors in your home or business’s aesthetics. Many owners focus primarily on the performance aspect of a roof, and fail to take into account the major impact a new roof can also have on a property’s appearance.

As the quality of roofing materials continually evolves, a professionally installed roof system can last in excess of 40 years. Selecting the right contractor and products makes the difference in overall appearance, longevity, and performance. Replacing your existing roof also provides a wide array of benefits including: increased protection for your home and personal belongings, peace of mind, reduced insurance premiums, enhanced curb appeal, and increased business.

Making a confident decision when selecting the right roofing contractor can sometimes become a difficult one. With EBM Roofing, we will take the time necessary to educate our clients with a detailed outline of the entire process, discuss all possible options, and assist in selecting products that meet the individual customer’s expectations and budget. With 3 generations of industry experience, we will ensure professional results from start to finish!

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